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Transduction utilizes its technological competence and extensive knowledge to provide a comprehensive assortment of high quality products. Assisting a large spectrum of industries, telecoms and military related clients, our company has positioned itself as a reputable and reliable market leader.

Transduction outperforms on any scale. Our range of rack mount and panel mount computers, LCD monitors, digital wall video displays and custom chassis enable companies and organizations to upscale their equipment, reduce operational costs and increase performance.

Here are only a few of our advantages:

Working for over 40 years with many industries and industrial clients, we have gathered extensive knowledge and expertise. Our products and solutions are very reliable, meeting the specific needs or requests imposed by our valued clients. This is a significant advantage that enables Transduction to offer unique, results-driven solutions.

Specializing in computers and video technology, we are uniquely qualified to respond to the ever-changing environment in which our clients operate. Throughout an intense and training process, our staff is continuously enriching its knowledge and abilities.

Transduction is one of the few computers consultants that are able to accurately identify and follow new technological trends and developments. Our solutions optimize infrastructures and control complex processes.

Transduction takes great pride in its highly skilled and devoted personnel. Our people stand by to offer their best support and consultation services, working closely with our clients in meeting their requests. We never compromise on our service levels, always striving for complete client satisfaction.

Quality of Transduction products is assured by ISO 9000:2008 certification by InterConformity with head office in Munich, Germany. Our QA program is also individually audited by several clients. Annual failure rate based on the actual service records is less than 0.1% and we design our products for MTBF greater than 100,000 hours. Our QA manual is available on request.

Beyond the many outstanding qualities and professional advantages we have to offer, Transduction is especially proud of its deep commitment and strong loyalty to its valued clients. Never compromising on excellence and perfectionism, we do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients and lead them to success.

For a quotation or more information on Transduction metal processing capabilities email us or call us at 800-268-0427 ext. 12, 9AM to 6PM EST.

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