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Pro Drive PD3500+ SATA RAID 0/1 Disk Array

Pro Drive PD3500 SATA RAID 0/1 Disk Array

8TB in Safer (mirror) mode, 16TB in (fast) SPEED mode

STARDOM Model PD3500+ is a fault tolerant dual disk drive subsystem that fits into space of two 5.25” bays. It comes with two hot swap canisters for 3.5" SATA II hard drives that can be removed while the power is on. It also has one removable canister for 2.5” SATA III solid state (flash) drive. It will work with any operating system – no special software drivers are needed as it connects to the computer via SATA ports.

The PD3500+ has a built-in array chip. The SR2045 chip directly manages disk drives. Unlike other software based array modules, the PD3500+ disk array does not take any system resources and it does not affect performance of your applications. It provides for a real time back-up under the demands of multi-tasking and zero delay. It is very simple to use.

RAID 0/1 + SSD

Model PD3500+ disk array has provision for two 3.5” hard drives and also one solid state drive (SSD). The hard drive array connects to computer via SATA II port. User can decide to install operating system on SSD drive for a faster BOOT and performance while data will be protected by a dual disk array.

Monitoring software

In addition to its back lighted LCD screen and from panel LED indicators, it is possible to monitor operation of the disk array with Windows type software. This software can send email to the user when one of the drives fails.

Reliable ventilated disk canisters

PD3500 disk array comes with easily removable hot swap disk canisters that are designed for the optimal heat removal from the hard drives. 6 CFM silent ball bearing air fan removes heat envelopes from the drives. Cooler drives will last longer time. PD3500+ disk array is very reliable. Actual MTBF based on service records is in excess of 100,000 hours. Warranty is 3 years.

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