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TR-422-IS Dual Isolated Serial PCI Adapter Card

TR-422-IS Dual Isolated Serial PCI Adapter Card

The TR-422-IS dual isolated serial PCI adapter card is a professional way to add serial ports to an industrial computer. In addition to individual isolation, TR-422-IS offers extra surge protection and it can operate in RS422 and RS485 multidrop modes. Price is US$175 and it is readily available from stock. Warranty is 3 years. Call the Transduction Sales Team for more details.


  • 1 x DIP switch to assign board and COM number - assign COM number for each card, up to 4 cards can be installed in one system
  • IRQ and I/O mapping automatically assigned by PCI plug and play function
  • Individual isolation with extra surge protection on each RS422/485 port
  • 3 year warranty

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