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6U BERTA Rack Mount Computer

berta 6u

6U Berta is the most reliable and practical 20-slot industrial computer for 19" racks. It has Air Chamber (C) optimized air flow and built-in temperature control for longer life of your system. The high quality chassis is precision designed and manufactured with CAD-CAM robotics in our own Metal Shop. We have total control of air flow, electrical and EMI protection. This chassis has been a long time favorite of many telephone system integrators, digital imaging OEM's and militaries who use high speed DSP type I/O cards. It has capacity for up to 20 ISA and/or PCI backplane slots.

Rack Mount Chassis

  • Front panel with cover plates or optional front door with a slotted lock for easy access
  • BERTA chassis can be supplied with a 20 slots passive or active backplane or motherboard that supports up to 4 Intel Xeon processors
  • High quality, solid steel chassis that is resistant to corrosion and vibration
  • Clear zinc steel finish or yellow dichromate (standard) with front panel that is coated with scratch resistant epoxy
  • Heavy duty front panel mounted handles
  • Excellent air flow with Adaptive Temperature controller on 4 NIDEC 43 or 62 CFM ball bearing fans mounted on Air Chamber (C) controller. Additional 43 CFM NIDEC fan in the power supply/drive compartment.
  • Adaptive Temperature controller and Air Chamber provide for lower acoustical noise and less dust in the computer
  • Optional air filter that can be easily replaced
  • Indicators: ON/OFF switch, +5, +12, HD LED indicators and speaker
  • It has room for 4 front panel full size 5.25" drives, and up to 7 internal 3.5" drives. Front size drives can be supplied in hot swap AL canister.
  • Comes with variety of standard PS/2 type AC or DC ATX + 300W to 800W power supplies and dual and quad hot swap power supplies with high quality NIDEC fans
  • Precision designed and manufactured in our own robotics CAD-CAM shop
  • Only one Philips screwdriver needed for access and maintenance
  • This chassis can easily be changed to suit your requirements. Standard front panel color is scratch and corrosion resistant epoxy black - custom colors are also available
  • Excellent EMI protection to meet FCC class B, has C-UL and CD approved power supplies. Each chassis has C-UL electrical safety approval sticker
  • Operating temperature 0 to 60C
  • 2 years warranty
  • Always in stock


TR-BERTA-NT - Optomized for Windows NT O/S

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